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Cancellation Policy

I have a solid 24-hour cancellation policy.

Why?  This policy is important because, while doctors can see over 30 patients a day, a therapist like myself can generally see 6-8.  I reserve for you over an hour of my time for the session (up to 2 hours for those booking extended sessions).  If a client cancels with less than a 24 hour notice, I lose an entire hour from my schedule.  With 24 hours notice, it gives me enough time to try to fill that hour.


What this means for you...  You can cancel or change your appointment anytime, as long as you give me a solid 24 hours notice.  If you don't, you will be charged a $75 late cancellation fee.  If you give less than 6 hours notice, or don't show up at all, the full fee of your session will be charged.


If we work together long enough, at some point something might come up that will result in you having to change your appointment.  I will never ask you questions and make you feel bad for doing so.  You can change your appointment by email or even text.  You don't even have to call.  In return, I want you to have the understanding that the cancellation fee is not a penalty or a punishment, but a necessary policy so that I can continue to provide therapy and care to my clients and run an effective practice, and that the late cancellation fee is necessary, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.


It's important to know that insurance will not pay for missed appointments, so you will not be given an insurance receipt for submission.


I want to be fully transparent with all clients about my fees and cancellation policy.  You deserve it!  And so that if the day comes where you do need to change or cancel your appointment, you will understand why you are still being charged a fee if not enough notice is given, regardless of the reason.