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"Therapy For When Life Sucks!"

Hamilton & Burlington Area

Marriage, Relationships & Couples Counselling

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Credit cards and Debit Visa Accepted.
Counselling Rates and Payments affordable & convenient payment options


Individual Counselling, private pay    $85.00 / 1hr

with insurance*     $100 / 1hr


Couples Counselling, private pay    $105 / 1.25 hrs

with insurance*   $120 / 1.25 hrs


Couples Relationship Assessment   $150


Premarital Counselling, Marriage Preparation   $500


*Have insurance coverage?  Please read below:

My services may be covered by your workplace/extended health insurance through my affiliation with Life Restoration Counselling Group.  The insurance rates listed above are that of Life Restoration. (LRCG).

Very important that you check with your insurance provider to ensure coverage. Your policy needs to indicate coverage for BSW/RSW, and double check your annual limit.  Each client who is using their insurance for reimbursement is responsible for knowing their coverage and limitations. 

If you are planning on using your insurance for reimbursement please let me know right away.  Policies and paperwork is different between Life Restoration and my own practice.