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    Re-marrying Your Ex?  Why Would You Do That?

    The idea of re-marrying your ex probably would not go over too well with your family or friends.  "Are you crazy?!  Did you not learn the first time?!"

    Well, those responses are quite natural, and probably is in your best interest from their point of view.  However, statistically speaking,  guess what?  Your odds of having a successful marriage to your ex is actually greater than any first time marriages!  Look at these numbers... first time marriages end in a divorce about 50% of the time.  Second marriages are even more dreadful, ending about 70% of that time.  But re-marrying your ex ends badly only about 30% of the time.  Now, whether these numbers are concrete or not, I think if you really sit down and think about it... it just may not be a bad idea.  Now, before you go ahead and look up your ex on facebook, consider the following....

    (1)  Have you taken responsibility for your part in why the marriage didn't last in the first place?  What did you do (not not do) that caused the marriage to crumble.

    (2)  Is there a changed behavior?  For you and theirs.  Remember, past behavior predicts future behavior unless there is considerable change.  Contemplate it.  How have you changed?  How have they changed?

    Okay, now go find them!


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