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  • We moved!

    I am excited to announce our new office location! And I think clients will appreciate the new space too! Though I have enjoyed my time on Pearl Street, it was time to move. My new space has more parking, wider streets, easy access to main roads and bus routes, waiting room, self-signin and is located within a multi-disciplinary building. The address of 848 Fennell Avenue East, up on the East Hamilton Mountain. I am inside the Pathway to Healthy and Wealthy Living building, corner of Fennell a…

  • 3 Pillars of Secure Functioning

    Okay, let's break down that title first: 3 Pillars: well, what I think of when I hear the word pillars is one of those old mansions or buildings I see in those small hidden-away towns. Often times they use to be a hospital or clinic or some rich builders' home. In the front there are huge pillars that looks like they are keeping the roof from collapsing. The size and strength of them is recognizable right from the curb. Secure Functioning: secure = safe, predictable, reliable. Functionin…

  • 3 Things To Do After A breakup

    Your long-term relationship with that guy just ended. It was a horrible experience and you are so glad to be out of there! On to the next one................ but wait! Read this first! To minimize the risk of landing back into an unhealthy relationship, make sure you do these 3 things: Feel it! Go through all the emotions. You know, the anger and the crying and the self-doubting. Do it all. The break up is often compared to losing a loved one through death. There is a healthy process t…