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    What I Need To Know About My Childhood Experiences

    When you think back to your time as a kid, you may not have the most positive memories of it.  The experiences we had as a kid has totally shaped us as an adult.  But not only that, if those experiences were negative, it can actually result in an earlier death.  Let me explain..

    Something called Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACE for short, is a tool used to help unleash some of the childhood experiences, or trauma.  The results of the ACE assessment opens up explanations of why we do things the way we do, and why we may think the way we think.  But more interestingly, there is a significant connection between negative childhood experiences and things like addictions, obesity, COPD and early death.

    ACE Pyramid

    If you look at this pyramid, you can see at the very bottom, the ACE.  This often occurs from birth to about age 12 or so.  If the ACE scoring is high, say 4+, there is a greater likelihood of social, emotional and/or cognitive impairment, which then leads to high risk behaviors (trouble with the law, addictions, etc).  And as that continues it may lead to diseases and disability which then results in an early death.  A lot of work has been done around this pyramid idea.  The numbers don't lie!  Adverse childhood experiences has a significant impact on us as an adult.

    In couples counselling, I often have couples fill out the ACE scoring assessment.  Knowledge is everything.  What do you know about your partner's childhood experiences?


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