Counselling couples and individuals through marriages & relationships

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Individual Counselling for when life just totally sucks!

I can help you!  Really!  I have helped many individuals find hope and motivation to blast through whatever it is and come out happier, stronger and more focused than before!  --Paul

You swear, before you even get out of bed you just know the day is going to totally suck.  And how do you know that?  Because it always does!  And by bedtime, you just dread having to do it all over again the next day.


Your nervous about work, anxious about what's going on in your life, feeling down and out about your life and how much it sucks compared to your friends.  Or maybe you just can't decide on your life's direction.  Heck, you can't even make up your mind on what you will wear or eat!


You have tried talking to some close friends and family about how you have been feeling.  They try to help you.  They mean good.  But they just arn't helping.


Whether it's your crappy relationship that you are in or maybe you have always kind of felt out of place, sad, negative or just totally opposite to your hyper and insanely optimistic friend.


Whatever it is, let's talk about it!  Get a different perspective on things.  Have someone on YOUR side for a change.  Let someone help you. 

"It just really sucks sometimes.  When I look at my friends and what they have, and then I look at myself and my life, just makes me want to cry.  I hate my job, my relationship pretty much sucks, and I just don't see how anything will ever change."