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Premarital Counselling for an enriched life

Week one begins with a review of the assessment that you would have completed at home.  A detailed look at the relationship strengths and weaknesses and a special look at Special Areas of Concern.  You will recieve a copy of this assessment at the end of the program.

"I completely enjoyed this program!  It forced us to ask each other questions that we probably would never have thought of.  Well worth the money!"

I have worked with hundreds of married couples.  They each come to see me for different reasons having gone through different experiences and each having their own different perspectives on things.  But you know what, there are so many common problems that I see couples having.  There are times when I have said to myself "this stuff should be in a premarital counselling program!"

Well now it is!  I am excited to announce my updated premarital counselling program that is completely redesigned to fit todays couples!  Whether you are in a serious dating relationship, recently engaged or newly married, this 6 week program will be a perfect fit.  And as always, the entire program will likely be cheaper than the cost of the wedding cake!

Week One:  relationship & assessment review


Week Two:  "I Love, You Love", understanding how to love each other


Week Three:  "I Am...Because", digging much deeper into each others past


Week Four:  "Those Darn Horsemen!", how to avoid the 4 killers!


Week Five:  "It's My Turn!", learning to deeply lean in emotionally


Week Six:  "He Said, She Said", resolving conflicts without anyone getting hurt

This newly designed 6 week program is structured, yet allows for flexibility based on each couple.  You will begin with an online relationship assessment from PrepareEnrich, which millions of couples have already completed.  You will do it from home.  It will take up to an hour for you to complete.

Week two, titled "I Love, You Love" will look at how each of you naturally feel love.  This is so important!  I can't tell you how many couples I meet in my office after been married for decades are now telling their partner that they never felt loved by them.  We will spend a lot of time on this one!

Week three, called "I Am... Because" is a more interactive session where a bunch of questions are asked about each partners past.  Not trauma-related questions, but fun-filled, innocent questions.  You will be surprised how much of our adulthood is based on the little small things that we experienced as a kid.  My first question I will ask you will be "what is your favorite salad dressing?".  Yup, the answer to that question can be an eye-opener for you (and your partner!)

Week four, "Those Darn Horsemen!" is a really important week.  We will discuss in great detail the 4 relationship killers.  Do you have them?  Do you know what to do if you do?  How to avoid it altogether?  This is another interactive session.  Most couples say that this session alone was an eye-opener for them.

Week five, called "It's My Turn" is, in my experience with working with married couples, the number one reason for failure in relationships.  Being about to emotionally lean in, connect, feeling heard instead of dismissed, is a crucial part of building an enriched life together.  This technique usually requires a lot of practice.  Be ready for some homework on this one!

Week six, which is the final week of the program, is called "He Said, She Said".  It is a hands-on session taking everything that we learned in the first 5 weeks, and applying it to resolving conflicts.  We will take some real conflicts that you are having right now (even small ones!) and we will actually attempt to resolve them.  I will tell you, it is much easier to resolve conflict when you understand everything that we will talk about in the first 5 weeks of this program.

This premarital program includes the PrepareEnrich assessment, homework assignments, handouts and 6 weeks of hands-on, interactive and customized sessions, designed to prepare you and your partner for a lasting, fulfilling relationship.