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To be happy.  To have less stress.  To be connected.  Whether you are on your own or in a relationship, isn't this what we all really want?  We want peace, enjoyment and fulfillment in our lives and relationships.  Simple enough, isn't it?  Or is it? 

Anxiety, depression, conflicts in relationships.  These are just some of the struggles we go through that prevents us from having those simple things in life.  That happiness, well connected relationships, that peace and love.

Welcome to Your Inner SOULutions!  Providing affordable counselling to individuals and couples in the Hamilton and Burlington area.   Why choose Your Inner Soulutions?

lingo-free sessions


realistic goal setting

evening & weekend appointments


specific training in counselling & theories

lots of real-life experiences


About Paul Lucas, Therapeutic Counsellor, MACA

My own journey in life has been anything but easy and straightforward.  From childhood trauma, being raised in a highly dysfunctional family to disappointments from dealing with my own demons.  But all this experience has brought me a unique perspective and insight.  Some say these experiences build character.  Whatever it may be, it has brought me to where I am today.  I am able to empathize with many people who may be experiencing similar troubles. In my counselling practice when I see individuals or couples, I teach the same techniques, offer the same perspectives that I had to use to "beat the odds".  I am well skilled at breaking down those huge difficulties into smaller, much more manageable ones, making it easier to tackle.  I look for "soul-utions".  I bring hope and optimism.  I am proof that we have what it takes to overcome all.  To be happy.  I look forward to helping you achieve the same.

I have completed a program in professional counselling which included Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Gastalt Therapy and Narrative Therapy.  I have also completed a course in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.  In 2015 I became a certified facilitator for the world renowned Prepare/Enrich, a couples program to prepare and strengthen a marriage.