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Relationship Counselling for couples

"All we do is fight! It's like from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed!  Oh, don't get me started about weekends!  It's like we can't live in the same house anymore.  Don't get me wrong, when things are good, they are good.  But when things are bad, it just really, really sucks."

Nobody wants to be in an unhappy relationship.  It's probably one of those things we have always feared of.  You didn't sign up for all this frustration, fighting and bickering, nagging and criticizing, did you?


Spending a night on the couch or those long silent treatments are killing you, arn't they?  When relationships go bad they can effect all aspects of your life, even work!  Your physical health can also be effected.  Stress can kill you.  I'm sure you have heard that already!


Breaking up or divorcing just isn't an option for you guys.. it's not how you were raised.  Maybe it's against your religion or personal values.  Even thinking about divorcing or ending the relationship makes you have knots in your stomach.  What would family think?  Friends?  The kids?  Are all these things racing across your mind, day in and day out?


Are you willing to do everything you can to make this relationship work AND be happy in it?  Are you ready for marriage/couples/relationship counselling?


If you said yes, I would love to help you!  


Okay, let me say this to you.  I don't really care if you have gone through marriage counselling or therapy before.  It doesn't change anything today.  It doesn't really matter why therapy did not work five years ago. Or ten years ago.  Or even longer.  What matters is now.  Today.  You and him/her.  And me.


If you are looking for a marriage counsellor that will tell you that everything you are doing is right, or someone that will tell you that to make your relationship better will be easy, I am absolutely not the guy.


My job isn't to be your friend.  My job is to help each of you to see how you are individually contributing to the problems.  To show you patterns of behavior.  Negative thinking processes that causes this loop of frustration and negativity.  I will also help you see all the incredible positive things that is going on in your relationship, and how to utilize those positive moments and experiences.


I love working with couples who may be extremely frustrated or stressed about their relationship, but are committed to their marriage, their relationship, their partner.  And more importantly, committed to the process of couples therapy and willing to do all it takes to make it work.


It will not be easy.  Let me tell you that right now.  It won't.  But, has life been easy for the past year?  Or two?  Or more?  You have survived to this point, you will survive this!  I am here to support the both of you during the sessions and in between our sessions.  You will not be alone as you start down this path of being happy and loving your partner again.