Marriage and Relationship Counselling

1100 Burloak Dr, Burlington

(905) 484-3388

Where are you located?

Starting August 2020 our main office will be in Burlington at 1100 Burloak Drive, right off the QEW.  There is plenty of parking!


Our secondary office will be where it's at now, 848 Fennell Ave E, Hamilton.  Here too, lots of free parking!

What types of payments do you accept?

All sessions are prepaid using debit visa or any other major credit card.  You can also use e-transfer.  I do not accept any in-office payments.  No cash.

You seem to focus a lot of couples. Don't all counsellors see couples?

Not all counsellors will see couples, but most do.  What makes me stand out is that I specialize in couples work.  What that means is most of my education and experience is around working with couples.  It's like doctors who are GP's, and then those who are specialists.  If you have a problem with your heart you will want to see a heart specialist, not a GP.

What education do you have that specializes in couples?

First off, my main education is an associate degree in Counselling.  Within this, several courses around couples work, family therapy and group therapy.

I also have a certificate in EFT for Couples.  I am trained in the Gottman Method for couples and personally trained in Relational Life Therapy by RLT's founder.  I have a certificate in Prepare-Enrich and qualified to perform the PE Couples Assessment.

Do you also work with individuals or just couples?

About 90% of my clients are couples.  But I do see individuals for a number of issues such as relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression and self-esteem.

How can I afford therapy?

Although we offer one of the lowest fees in couples therapy in Hamilton and Toronto area, counselling has to be budgeted for.  Some people will sacrafice other expenses, perhaps reducing their cable package in order to free up some money for counselling.  Some will come to therapy bi-weekly instead of weekly to help spread out the cost.

Does couples therapy actually work?

It really does!  Not all couples benefit from counselling but many do.  Over 90% of couples that I work with have said that counselling was very helpful to their relationships.

How are you different from other couples therapists?

We are all different.  We have different approaches, education, life experience and perspectives.  Fundamentally I am different.  I believe counselling should be interactive.  I do role-playing with couples to help them practice techniques.  I am direct and will take sides when needed.  I share opinions and suggestions.  I will not sit for an hour nodding my head.  And I try to not speak the typical therapy lingo.  I am a real person who likely have experienced much of the same troubles and frustrations that you are experiencing.

Do you take insurance?

I do not do direct billing, but will provide a formal receipt for those who need it to submit for reimbursement.  Many of my clients do get reimbursed from their insurance company.