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Frequently Asked Questions Real answers to common question

How long do I have to wait for an appointment?  I hear wait times are months long!

I run a full time practice in Hamilton, open Monday through Friday, with the occasional Saturday.  I am typically able to schedule someone the same week they call in.
What really determines how long you will need to wait will be how flexible you are with your schedule.  If you say you can only show up on a Wednesday after 8pm, you will likely not get an appointment with me.  I do expect clients to work hard in therapy, which includes finding the time in their busy schedule for therapy.

Isn't counselling really expensive?  I don't have benefits from work so how can I pay for it?

Counselling needs to be budgeted just like everything else.  Some clients will suspend their home internet or cable service in order to pay for therapy.  Others may eat out one less time a week to help pay for it.  Either way, planning, budgeting and sacraficing may all be needed.


The good news is that my fees are among the lowest in the Hamilton and Toronto area.  Sessions are longer, fees are cheaper.  Sounds perfect, doesn't it?


Even with the lower rates, sometimes it really is difficult to come up with the money.  Another suggestion is to book bi-weekly appointments instead of weekly.  Or even one session every 3 weeks.


If you have any questions about the fees or how to make is doable for you, please reach out.  

I have never gone to counselling before!  I can't believe I am even here!  What can I expect?

Many first time therapy goers will tell me that the waiting to come in for the session is quite stressful, not knowing what to expect, what to stay, what NOT to say!  It's understandable.  Remember, I too was in your shoes at one point in my life, so I totally get it.

When you arrive, walk up the stairs to the front door, sign yourself in using the available i-pad and have a seat.  When I am ready, I will come down, introduce myself to you and we will walk up to the office.

There will be water and candy ready for you, couple comfy chairs, there may be some soft music in the background (thanks to the Reiki Master across the hall from me!).  

The first session is mostly about me learning as much as I can about you.  You can start off or I will ask you questions, whatever seems to come more natural between us.

Nearly every client will comment afterwards that it was much easier and a lot more comfortable than what they thought it would be.

Does counselling for marriage problems actually work?  I know other couples who went and it did nothing for them!

If you and your partner are willing to take responsibility and work hard by using the tools and techniques you will discover in counselling, then I believe you are on a good path to achieving a stronger and more enriched marriage.  But it takes time and effort.  I will assign tasks that needs to be completed in between sessions.  And with my assertive approach, I will hold each person accountable, and expect each of you to be accountable to each other.  Often times couples will come to counsellling after ten or twenty years of misery and will want things to change within a week or two.  Ain't going to happen!  Marriages who achieve success in counselling are those with couples who are committed to the process of therapy.

I notice you don't have any testimonials on your website.  Why?  How do I know what other people's experiences have been like with you?

Most of the Colleges and Associations that directs or oversees the counselling industry in Canada do not recommend therapists having testimonials on their website.  I think it can be for a variety of reasons including client confidentiality.  Also, what way would you have to confirm whether those testimonials were actually true and not just made up?  Results of therapy can vary so much, I think it would be careless for you to decide on a therapist based on someone else's experience.  


Most of my clients have reported back commenting how they like the fresh therapy experience, that it wasn't a typical "tell me how you feel" session, and that they really connected with my direct, interactive way of running a session.  

Why is there a different rate for insurance clients than cash-pay clients?

Your Inner Soulutions, which is the name of my own private practice, is not covered by insurance or health benefits.  My practice rates are as listed, and designed to be affordable for the 1/3 of Ontario residents who do not have any workplace benefits or health insurance.


In the fall of 2016, I contracted with a group practice named Life Restoration Counselling Group, where I provide counselling services for their clients.  Life Restoration is covered by many insurance companies. 


If you are going to use your insurance for reimbursement, you will become a client of Life Restoration and therefore be subject to their rates and policies.


If you are going to use your insurance, it is your responsibility to make sure you have the proper coverage.  Good questions to ask are:

  • do you cover RSW?
  • what is my annual limit?
  • what percent am I covered for?